Our Philosophy

Research has shown that adult dental fears that inhibit patients from seeking treatment are often the result of an unpleasant experience with the dentist as a child. Our goal is not to complete treatment at any cost, but to help your child or teenager become an adult who routinely and comfortably seeks dental care. This often requires extra time with your child, creating diversions for the child through many of our child friendly amenities, or, in some cases, the use of appropriate sedatives. It is very important to discuss with Dr. Niloo any bad experiences or fears your child may have so that she may provide the best possible care for your child. Dr. Niloo and her staff customize each child’s visit by carefully assessing his behavior and comfort level at the appointment. Parental accompaniment to the treatment area is encouraged during the first visit. For children to develop independence and form a trusting relationship with the dentist and the dental staff, they are encouraged to complete future visits to the dental chair on their own. The majority of older children and adolescents benefit from independent visits, as this allows open communication between the patient and the dental staff. As adolescence approaches, various topics such as smoking, eating disorders, and drug use and their effects on the mouth can be privately discussed. Some adolescents may not want to discuss these topics with the parent present. Patients under the age of five, special needs patients, and those with a higher level of anxiety have a more positive visit if their appointments are in the morning, when the child is not tired and is more receptive to new experiences and instructions. Appointments later in the day are generally reserved for older patients who have more commitments and activities. Children typically benefit from contact with peers. By grouping appointments based on age, younger patients are comforted by seeing children of the same age in the office, and the same is true for adolescents. Being a mom herself, Dr. Niloo recognizes that parents know their children best. She is open to suggestions from parents while at the same time drawing upon her expertise and experience in working with children when making the decision to have parental participation during the visit. Please note that certain children can form a more trusting relationship with the dental staff if they complete their visit independently and without outside distractions.